Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Last appointment for the day is at 3:00pm


Welcome to the medical practices of Dr. Peter M. Schissler, Dr. Stuart J. Turkewitz, and Dr. Stephanie Trifoglio. For over 35 years, we have been offering the highest quality internal medicine and geriatric medicine to our patients. We offer ongoing care of chronic medical problems, preventive care, treatment of acute medical illnesses and screening tests.

We provide personal attention and care for the health needs of our patients. We treat most problems in our office, and when necessary, we will guide you through the world of specialty referrals and procedures. All of us believe that continuity of care is of primary importance. Therefore, you will be followed by a single physician. We strive to blend a thoughtful, compassionate, comprehensive approach with prompt access to the latest in technological medicine whenever appropriate.

Our practices are especially tuned to the special needs of older patients, many of whom have complex chronic medical problems. All of us are Board-Certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. We schedule adequate time for each office visit, have receptionists rather than machines answer our phones, maintain 24-hour availability of a physician for emergency calls, and communicate test results to our patients. We take the time to be comprehensive, to review medication lists regularly, and to offer advice about needed procedures, even if we ourselves do not offer the procedure.